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WATCH: Kid Fails Air Into Corbet’s Couloir Despite The Hilarious Protests Of His Friends


Most of the time, those who stand up to peer pressure should be praised. We learn that from a pretty young age. Don’t do anything just because your friends tell you, listen to your gut. If it feels wrong but your friends are saying it’s right, stick with that feeling of it being wrong.

In this case, though, caving in to the peer pressure probably would have been the right idea. As Izaak’s friends attempt to convince him to go around and not jump into Corbet’s Couloir, this noble skier stands up and does what he feels is right in his gut. Unfortunately, What Mr. Branch felt was right was most definitely wrong, and we get this beautiful video from back in 2011.

Best part is the “you dumbass” that the camera man utters as Izaak airs to doom. Fortunately he was fine, but 12 years after the release of this video, I can’t help but wonder what this guy is up to today.

“Teenagers often pressure each other into doing stupid stuff. In this case, my friend Izaak proved himself above the peer pressure. Though we told him not to, the idiot still jumped over thirty feet onto an icy landing on one of the hardest runs in North America. He didn’t break anything, miraculously, but he is definitely sore. …dumbass.”

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Image Credit: Kyle Rowston-Wolcott via YouTube

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