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Nonprofit Maine Ski Area Plans $200,000 In Capital Improvements


The story of Big Moose Mountian in recent years, also known as Big Squaw Mountain, has been tragic. James Confalone, who is the current owner,  has neglected the ski resort for decades. He let the upper mountain become neglected and did illegal timber harvesting on the property.

It’s been saved by the Friends Of The Mountain, who operate the property under a lease. A new development group tried to step in and revitalize the mountain, but their efforts failed due to changing economic circumstances. Now, Friends Of The Mountain is doing the work themselves to restore the ski area.

Last week, Friends of The Mountain announced a $200,000 capital improvement campaign to modernize Big Moose. Most of these funds will be used for overhauling their triple chairlift, which is a 1986 Borvig. $40,000 will go towards reclaiming the upper mountain trails for uphill skinners and cat skiing.

The parking lot is going to be improved, which will cost $35,000. They’ll be spending $35,000 to upgrade their snowmaking pump, which is essential for a New England ski area operation. Finally, they will be spending $5000 on renovating their lodge.

If you want to help them out, you can donate to them here.

Image Credits: Friends of The Mountain, Isaac Crabtree

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