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Man Summits Every Colorado Fourteener Throughout One Winter (72 Days)


Summiting all of Colorado’s 59 fourteeners over the span of several years is certainly a pretty solid accomplishment. Summiting them all in one year, however, is definitely a much more significant feat, and taking them all on in just one summer almost takes the accomplishment cake. Two people have taken on every single fourteener in the state of Colorado in just one winter, making for more difficult terrain, longer hikes, and a much more impressive and unique accomplishment.

Coloradan Christopher Fisher summited Pyramid Peak on March 19th, officially capping off his 72 day, 13 hour, and 11 minute journey to summit every peak over 14,000 feet in Colorado throughout the winter. With him was  Andrew Hamilton, the man who first summited them all in a winter back in 2018 (he also holds the general supported speed record for every Colorado fourteener, completing them in a remarkable 9 days, 21 hours, and 51 minutes).

Fisher was only actively hiking for 36 of the 72 days due to weather and other limitations, and, combined, he spent a total of 15 days and 16 hours hiking. In total, he covered 611 miles and experienced elevation gain and loss of just around 253,000 feet. His longest days, according to his Instagram post, reached 21 hours, but most stayed around 10-18 hours.

This was also his first time actually summiting every 14er, meaning he hiked several peaks for the first time during the winter. Congrats to Christopher on both the general accomplishment and the speed record. Hopefully we’ll see more from him in the future!

Image Credit: Christopher Fisher via Instagram

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