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Salt Lake City Hotel Builds 700″ Snow Ruler


Have you ever wondered about how tall 700 inches of snow would be? Well, look no further. Last week, Alta & Brighton crossed 700 inches of snow. To celebrate, the recently opened Hyatt Regency in Salt Lake City unveiled a snow ruler on the exterior of their building. The move was done in collaboration with Visit Salt Lake, the Utah Office of Tourism, and Ski Utah.

Anna Loughridge with the Utah Office of Tourism explained to FOX 13 Utah as to why they put this snow ruler up at the Hyatt:

“700 inches is definitely something we are celebrating from skiers to drought watchers alike…Anyone who like lives around here knows, they’ve dealt with it, they’ve driven through it, shoveled it. But this puts in perspective what we’ve been experiencing and it’s really good on so many levels; for tourism, for the economy and for the water.

Based on how this past week has gone at Utah ski resorts, I’m starting to think they’re going to need to add some more height to that ruler.

Image Credits: Visit Salt Lake/ Hyatt Regency

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