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WATCH: Key Moments From Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ski Crash Trial


The biggest skiing news of the week is a civil trial that’s happening in Utah. This week, the trial over a ski crash possibly caused by actress Gwyneth Paltrow began. She allegedly ran into Terry, leading to many broken bones and serious physical/mental decline. Terry Sanderson is suing Gwyneth for a minimum of $300,000, while she is countersuing for $1. Law&Crime Network’s Jesse Weber broke down the key moments from the first day of the trial.

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Some key moments have happened since. Sanderson’s doctor was brought in by the plaintiffs, as the X-Rays presented to the jury show that the damage was likely caused by a ski crash.

Yesterday, Sanderson’s daughter went to describe how Terry’s physical and mental health has declined drastically since the crash. She describes his demeanor as completely changed, as he struggles to be present. One bizarre moment was when Gwyneth’s attorney apologized for “being an ass” to Terry Sanderson’s daughter, after a rude cross-examination.

A key takeaway from many close followers of the case has been how terrible the attorneys have been for both sides. Their opening statements were extremely awkward, and they have continued their odd behavior throughout the trial. Due to the condescending nature of Gwyneth’s attorney, there’s a chance they lose this case.

A few things could sway it to Gwyneth’s side: the mysterious disappearance of a GoPro video that wasn’t put in evidence, issues in his personal life, including the estrangement with one of his daughters, and the lack of witnesses outside of his friend, who was at the scene. Gwyneth is expected to take the stand today.

Image/Video Credits: Law & Crime Network

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