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VIDEO: Montana Snowmobilers Caught In Avalanche


Frightening video of an avalanche captured yesterday on Henderson Mountain outside Cooke City, Montana that caught and carried two snowmobilers that were stuck in snow on the slope. A third rider was making their way to help dig out their sleds when the avalanche was triggered. The rider who was on the way to help successfully escaped the slide while the other two did not. One of the riders transferred to an air ambulance with potentially life-threatening leg injuries.  The avalanche broke up to 4 feet deep and 150 feet wide. FULL REPORT BELOW

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Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center Incident Report: 

Daisy Pass
Elevation: 10,000
Aspect: SW
Coordinates: 45.0550, -109.9530
Caught: 2 ; Buried: 0

On the morning of March 23, 2023 near Daisy Pass, two snowmobilers were stuck on a slope and a third was snowmobiling up to help when a large avalanche was triggered. The two stuck riders were caught and carried, and one of them sustained potentially life-threatening leg injuries. The third rider was able to safely ride off the slope and was not caught by the avalanche.

One rider in the group rode into Cooke City to contact Search and Rescue. Cooke City/Park County Search and Rescue transported the injured rider back to Cooke City where he was transferred to an air ambulance.

The avalanche was on a southwest facing slope at 10,000’, it broke up to 4’ deep and 150’ wide, and is classified HS-AMu-R3-D2-O.

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