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Peak Skis Introduces Built-In Tracking Device To Make Finding Your Skis Easier Than Ever


Courtesy of Peak Skis

Not too long ago, we talked about flying with small tracking devices in your ski bags. My entire experience flying with them was extremely positive, showing me that the bags had made it onto my plane and safely to the next airport.

One thing sat at the back of my mind while thinking about that experience, though. What if we could mount these onto our skis? Forget where you placed your skis during lunch? Have your phone lead the way. Lose a ski in some deep powder? Have your phone lead the way! I clearly wasn’t the only person thinking this, though, as Peak Skis and Pebblebee have teamed up to introduce the PEAK Lôc8™ technology, a new tracking device built into your sticks.

Courtesy of Peak Skis

“After years of work on the concept and the development criteria, we are thrilled to unveil PEAK Lôc8 to our community of customers and the world of skiing. At the very center of Peak’s ethos is innovation, and this announcement is the first expression of the many strategic innovations on which are working. Of its many uses, PEAK Lôc8 will help skiers locate their skis if lost in deep snow or if they have trouble finding them on a busy day at a resort’s base area or lodge. It also serves as a remarkably effective theft deterrent.” – Andy Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Peak Skis

The PEAK Lôc8 seems to work very similarly to your typical bluetooth tracking devices, utilizing crowd-sourced GPS locations through Bluetooth Low Energy technology to provide the most accurate ski location possible. The products bluetooth range has been proven to reach up to 500 feet (depending on environment, it could go higher or lower), and if you are able make a connection on your phone, the app will provide a sort of hot or cold indicator to make locating the gear even easier.

Courtesy of Peak Skis

One of my bigger concerns when products like this will always be battery life. That won’t be much of a concern with the PEAK Lôc8, though. On one charge, the trackers can last 6 months on one charge, extending up to 8-9 months in the right conditions. You are able to recharge the device too (unlike some tracking devices), so you won’t have to buy new skis every six months just to have a functioning tracker.

On top of all of those very nice features, the PEAK Lôc8 will be able to be updated wirelessly, can be locked with a passcode, and has some fun LEDs for tracking, battery indication, pairing notifications, and a little customization. The PEAK Lôc8 will be available in select 23/24 models of Peak Skis.

Courtesy of Peak Skis

“As an avid technologist and passionate skier myself, I know how much people value their ski gear. I’ve always dreamt of having our tracking technology built into performance skis. We’re thrilled to introduce our patented technology to a passionate base of outdoor enthusiasts and partner with a brand of this caliber. Peak Ski Company is remarkably innovative on every front, and it’s exciting to be a part of their continued commitment to excellence, service, and innovation for their customers.” – Daniel Daoura, CTO and founder of Pebblebee

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