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Take A Ride On Finland’s INSANE Sauna Gondola


Credit: Ylläs

Finland LOVES saunas. Like, 3 million saunas for a population of 5.5 million people kind of LOVE. Both the president and prime minister of Finland have their own official saunas. They’re everywhere, and if you plan on visiting Finland any time soon, I certainly hope you’re a fan of the small hot rooms.

If you’re looking for a more unique sauna experience, though, head to Ylläs Ski Resort in Lapland, Finland, where you can ride a SAUNA GONDOLA.

The Suana Gondola has a set price of 1350€, but that’s for a 2 hour experience designed for 9-12 people. If you do it right, you could only be paying around 112€ (~$120 USD) per person. The Sauna Gondola starts at the top of Ylläs, taking 3-4 people at a time on a 20 minute tour. The rest of the group gets to enjoy the showers, outdoor jacuzzi, fireplace, and another sauna while waiting for their turn, so you won’t be cold or bored between tours.

This sounds like it could be a lot of fun if you’re with the right people. Is it a bit pricy, even with twelve people, for a sauna experience? Sure, but this isn’t a normal sauna experience. My only concern would be overheating while on the gondola, as you can’t really just get out of the sauna if necessary, but I guess that’s what windows (and being aware of your own ability to stay in a sauna) are for.

Credit: Ylläs

Featured Image Credit: Ylläs

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