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African Ski Resort Won’t Open Its Slopes This Winter


One of Africa’s only ski resorts won’t operate its ski lifts this winter, and the reason why is shrouded in mystery. On March 9th, Afriski in Lesotho announced that their ski slopes won’t operate this winter. For perspective, Afriski is located in the Southern Hemisphere, which means their winter is coming up in a few months. The resort will still have some activities open this winter, just not skiing and riding.

The reason why they aren’t operating this upcoming winter is complicated. In a social media post,  they claim it’s due to various challenges and risks that they currently face. Many social media users claim it’s due to load-shedding, which is due to an energy crisis that South Africa and the micro countries inside of it have faced since 2007.

According to Metro, another reason could be due to their senior management officials being under investigation by police in Lesotho and being forced to leave the country. They left in January, as the inability to get work permits, facing threats to their safety, and the possibility of going to jail led them to depart. According to the ski resort, the dispute could be over stolen roof sheets at Afriski, but I think that there’s more going on here than what’s being described.

Image Credits: Afriski

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