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WATCH: Huge Avalanche Buries Skier At Mad River Glen


During a massive powder storm last week, a terrifying avalanche occurred on the Paradise trail at Mad River Glen.

Thanks to the significant powder day, Parker Downing and his friend, Seamus, finally got to hit a cliff on the famous Paradise trail that they’d been dreaming of hitting for a while. Parker got a video of Seamous stomping the cliff, but a wall of snow soon followed, leading to a serious avalanche.

Parker was buried by the avalanche but was thankfully saved by his friends. His poles and right glove remain stuck in the snow, although this warm front means there’s a chance he can get them back soon.

I’m glad to see Parker made it through that, and it stands as a great reminder that avalanches can happen, even on in-bounds terrain on the East Coast. The video from Parker is below.

Image/Video Credits: Parker Downing, Mad River Glen

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