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WATCH: Hot Seat Highlights From The FWT23 Fieberbrunn Pro


Ever wonder what your favorite freeride skier/snowboarder is saying after taking first place in a competition? Curious how they react to the runs of their competitors? Wonder no longer! Instead, just watch this fantastic compilation of the Freeride World Tour’s Hot Seat at the Fieberbrunn Pro!

These Hot Seat compilations are a lot of fun, and if you haven’t seen any of the videos from previous competitions, I highly recommend going back and giving them a watch. Maybe the skiers/snowboarders just know they’re on camera, or maybe they’re just genuinely like this, but it truly seems like these athletes are very good sports and very good people.

As a warning, if hearing someone puke will make you throw up, I recommend clicking away… (he doesn’t actually puke, but some people are sensitive to the sound).

[embedded content]

Image Credit: Freeride World Tour via YouTube

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