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Texas Couple Sues Jackson Hole & Head Skis Over Faulty Rental Equipment


Another day, another lawsuit against a ski resort.

The Cowboy State Daily reports that a Texas couple is suing Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Hoback Sports, and Head Skis. They want more than $75,000 in damages but are looking for a specific amount to be determined during the trial. The lawsuit complaint was filed on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for Wyoming.

According to the plaintiffs, Pam Schoen and Chad Fields, here’s how the situation went down: They were in Jackson Hole for their anniversary, and got their rental gear from Hoback Sports (which is owned by Jackson Hole) and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. On March 15, 2021, they skied down the Sundog trail. Chad Fields skied halfway down the run and then waited for his wife.

Schown was skiing down the run when the binding to her left ski blew off, leading to the left boot coming off as well. Her right ski remained on for a couple hundred more feet before it came off. She tumbled hundreds of feet down the slope, leading to a dislocated right shoulder, her fingernails broke off within her gloves, and her left knee was twisted and buckled.”

Here are the damages caused by the incident, which is from the legal complaint:

“Schoen sustained serious, disabling and permanent personal injuries…for which she has received medical treatment and for which she has incurred necessary and reasonable medical care, treatment expense and will incur future medical expense based upon a reasonable degree of medical probability.”

The partner of Schoen also claims that he “has suffered a loss of spousal consortium.” This is where an injury causes a loss of companionship and intimacy between a couple.

It’s ultimately an interesting lawsuit. Texas skiers unfairly tend to get a bad rap in the ski industry, but the skier who was hurt is very experienced. I think the case comes down to whether the skier was properly fitted, and if she buckled the boots properly while skiing, with witness testimony likely needed to figure out who is at fault.

Image Credits: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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