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Hilarious Trail Sign @ North America’s Steepest Ski Run


Got to love a ski patrol with a good sense of humor. Thanks to Redditor huckl3b3rry for sharing this hilarious sign posted at the top of Crested Butte’s famed Rambo Trail aka the steepest ski run in North America. The 55° trail is notoriously unforgiving and it offered a candid about its popularity with skiers


Q&A with RAMBO: 
Q: So, you’re Crested Butte’s most difficult ski line? 
A: Oh no, not by a long shot. I’m not nearly as hard as anything off Skadi Ridge…or half the stuff you can ski from NF Cliffs to 3rd Bowl. I just got labeled as “North America’s steepest cut run” and now I’m a GoPro magnet, ha ha. 
Q: Well, you must off good skiing then? 
A: No, wouldn’t say that. I mostly offer challenging side slipping and minimal turns between thickets of overgrown vegetation, stumps and rocks. That’s kinda my deal. 
Q: Well, why are you so popular Rambo? 
A: I have no idea. Why are the Kardashians so popular? People just love me, even though I’m mean. SKI WITH CARE

Here’s a quick tour of Rambo. It’s the real deal:

[embedded content]

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