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Cuchara Mountain Opens Snowcat Sled-Skiing Experience


While Lift 4 won’t operate at Cuchara Mountain Park in Colorado this winter, the Panadero Ski Corporation has found a solution to bring skiers and riders up the mountain. A Cuchara Mountain snowcat carries a sled that can bring  22 people to the top of Lift 4. Skiers and riders take a run, and the snowcat picks them up at the bottom.

A couple of weeks ago, Cuchara had a soft opening for their sled-skiing experience. Instagrammer Ullr Pro captured a great video of the experience, which is below.

Some of Cuchara’s snowfall melted away, making them unable to operate the sled again for the past couple of weekends, but they’ve bounced back. Luckily, the past few days brought lots of snow to Cuchara. On Friday, they recorded between 14-18″ of snow.

This means that they’re operating their snowcat sleds this weekend. The rides, which cost $35 daily, get you to the top of Lift 4. Tickets are limited, but they do appear to be available for today and tomorrow. Uphill skinning will also be available for free.

We’ll keep you posted here on Unofficial Networks about the latest developments on Cuchara Mountain. It’s been fun covering them over the past couple of years, and a bright future is ahead for them.

Image/Video Credits: Cuchara Mountain Park/Panadero Ski Corporation, Ullr Pro

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