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WATCH: The Charm Of The Independent Eagle Point Resort In Utah


There are only a few independent ski resorts remaining in Utah, as many of the major players in the state have gone to corporate owners. A new video series called Higher Ground: The Last Independent Ski Resorts in Utah, is documenting the last remaining holdouts to this corporate consolidation.

His first episode focused on Nordic Valley (technically not an independent resort, but it definitely has an independent feel to it), while his second episode, which was just released, is centered around Eagle Point Resort.

The only ski resort in Central Utah has extensive ski-in/out lodging, a Friday-Monday operating schedule (meaning that the powder lasts longer), and varying terrain for all ability levels.

In the video, Nate Luebbe explores the ski resort with former Freeride World Tour competitor Dillon Green and discovers what makes this mountain so unique. The video from The Journal Of Lost Time is below.

[embedded content]

Image/Video Credits: Eagle Point Resort, The Journal Of Lost Time

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