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VIDEO: Avalanche Hits World Cup Slopestyle Course in France


Here’s another video of that that inbounds avalanche filmed from a chairlift at Tignes Ski Resort in the French Alps. This one comes from freestyle skier Jesper Tjäder. The one we posted yesterday was from Andri Ragettli. The pair, along with top skiers from around the world, were in Tignes to compete at World Cup Slopestyle competition held during the week long Mountain Shaker Festival. France Bleu spoke with the director of the slopes services, Frédéric Bonnevie, who confirmed there were two separate slides that effect the World Cup Slopestyle course but explained they were not dangerous:

 “They threatened neither property nor people. These two avalanches were triggered naturally. It is impressive because the spray snow rises high, but there is no risk.” -Frédéric Bonnevie

While this may have been innocuous by the time it intersected with the course, people on the ground can be seen running for safety. Wild thing to see at a World Cup venue.


Avalanche during the Slopestyle World Cup in Tignes. Stay safe out there!

♬ original sound – Jesper Tjäder

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