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Letter To The Editor: Ski With Ski Poles Or Get Off The Mountain


We received this letter from a Robert H. in the mail the other day. We transcribed it below for easier reading.  

Dear Unofficial Networks.

I am writing to express my utter distaste for those who partake in the act of skiing without ski poles. It is a disgraceful and unsightly display, and it is one that I simply cannot abide.

The very essence of skiing is embodied in the use of ski poles. They are an extension of the skier’s body, providing balance, propulsion, and control. To ski without poles is to strip away the very essence of the sport, reducing it to a mere mockery of its true form.

Furthermore, those who ski without poles are often guilty of other forms of slovenliness and disregard for the rules of the mountain and themselves. They can often be seen careening down the slopes with reckless abandon, endangering themselves and others in the process. They are a menace to the skiing community, and they should be shunned accordingly.

I implore all skiers to embrace the proper use of ski poles and to take pride in their skiing technique. It is only through a dedication to the fundamentals of the sport that we can truly appreciate its beauty and challenge.


Robert from Alaska

This article was originally published by Unofficialnetworks.com. Read the original article here.


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