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With plenty of fresh snow in parts of the Alps now is the time to improve your technique off piste. We have asked our friends at Maison Sport for some top tips. NEW

Skiing in powder can seem daunting at first, however with the right guidance it will be one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have on the mountain.

Fresh powder can be heavy, deep and unpredictable, making it difficult to control your turns and maintain your balance.

The experts at Maison Sport have put together some of their top tips from instructors to help you ski in fresh powder like a pro.

When skiing in deeper snow, do always stay aware of the avalanche risk level in resort and don’t venture off-piste without the correct equipment.

Current conditions are unstable and there have been some fatalities away from the marked runs.

Make sure to book a guide if you are inexperienced.

PlanetSKI in the powder. Image © PlanetSKI

PlanetSKI in the powder. Image © PlanetSKI

Your skis

The correct ski equipment will make all the difference when skiing in fresh powder.

You want to choose skis that are wider than what you would typically use on-piste, anything between 100mm and 120mm is perfect, and with a rocker profile, this style of ski will help you to stay afloat and turn more easily in deep snow.

If you have your own skis for the piste, don’t hesitate to rent some powder specific skis for the heavy snow days, you will be amazed at the difference the right skis can make.

Book here with Intersport  for some substantial savings as a PlanetSKI reader.

Intersport hase over 700 ski hire shops across the alps, renting award-winning skis and snowboards with plenty of off piste ones to select.

Your stance

You want to have a neutral stance when skiing in powder with your shoulders over your toes.

Try to evenly distribute your body weight evenly between your two skis and keep them a bit closer together than usual so they can work as one unit and help keep you afloat on the powder.

Speed is your friend

Try not to be afraid of carrying more speed, aim to keep your skis pointing down the hill for longer rather than bringing them across the hill.

Speed will help to generate lift keeping you afloat rather than being weighed down underneath the powder.

The most important part about learning to be comfortable at speed is to always be in control.

Steer your feet

In powder you don’t use the edges of your skis to grip.

Instead, try to steer with your feet and legs, guiding your skis in the direction you want to go in.

It will feel a lot looser and more fluid than what you are used to on-piste.

Book a lesson

At Maison Sport you can book lessons specifically for off-piste skiing.

Your instructor will be able to guide around the best spots in the mountain whilst also ensuring your safety and giving you technical pointers.

You’ll be able to make progress and build confidence in a fun and supportive environment.

To book or to find out more, visit

Jane Peel in the powder in Les2Alpes, France – photo © PlanetSKI

About Maison Sport   

Maison Sport was created by a team of industry professionals with over 25 years of ski teaching experience.

All ex-British ski team members & fully qualified ski instructors, the founding team at Maison Sport have successfully worked together over the past 8 years.    

The vision for Maison Sport was conceived after the trio acquired a traditional ski school in France, where revenue has since increased around 10 times.   

Witnessing an antiquated way of booking lessons, they spotted an opportunity to solve a problem for customers and ski instructors, by using a technology platform to connect the two parties together directly. 

Maison Sport offers reduced costs to the customer of as much as 50% and provides a more ethical and profitable practice for the instructors, who keep up 93% of the cost of the lessons.   

Much like many successful marketplaces, one of Maison Sport’s key selling points is its unique instructor reviews, only left by past customers, which enable new customers to make informed decisions about their ski or snowboard lessons.    

    Currently, the Maison Sport marketplace includes more than 364 resorts and over 1,300 trusted, qualified instructors across France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. 

In France, Maison Sport’s instructor pool is second only to the ESF, a company that was founded in 1937.   

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