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WATCH: Sugarbush’s ‘King Of The Corduroy’ Has Been Driving Groomers For 33 Years


Everyone loves a local ski area icon. Whether it’s that dude with the trench coat and cowboy hat, the guy continuing to rip on a pair of skis from 1983, the once Olympian racer who owns half of the mountain’s restaurants, or the owner of the small mountain, who still shreds alongside his customers. Local icons come in many shapes and sizes, sometimes they’re individuals who’ve been cruising the trails of one mountain for decades, and sometimes they’re longtime employees, like the “King of the Corduroy” up at Sugarbush.

I love seeing local news stations doing reports on ski area employees/icons. The videos are usually quite a bit of fun. This guy, Daniel Paquette, has been a groomer at Sugarbush for 33 years, and his big grin alone is enough to make me smile.

I don’t know if there’s a lesson you should be getting from this. Maybe chase your dreams. I think the most important thing to get out of this is that you should be thanking your local SnowCat driver. They tend to be wicked cool people.

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(Check out a few more WCAX videos while you’re at it. I think they’re my new favorite local news station, and they interviewed a dog in one of their recent reports)

Image Credit: WCAX-TV Channel 3 News via YouTube

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