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WATCH: If You’re Gonna Get A Season Ending Injury, Make Sure It’s This Cool


Nobody ever wants to receive a season ending injury. No matter the time of year, spring Spring or Fall, it sucks. You can’t ski anymore, you might have to deal with hospitals and doctors appointments, and, well, you’re injured, that’s not fun. Sure, maybe when you were a kid having a cast around your arm or leg was cool, but when you’re an adult, it’s mostly just a hindrance.

That said, if you’re going to get a season ending injury, it makes it a lot better if you’re doing something dope when it happens.

I don’t know if the camera is making the chute look a lot more insane or if this guy actually just skied that narrow and weirdly shaped of a chute, but when he took the turn, I verbally said “holy f**k” alone at my computer. Plus the fact that he skis the line perfectly, and then takes the tumble. I’m not trying to celebrate this guy’s injury, but it is a pretty sweet video.

Glad you’re okay Mr. Keyes. Sorry you blew out your knee, but thank you for doing it such a dope way.

“I ran out of leg strength and obliterated my knee at the end. Not even upset, that was the coolest line I’ve ever skied.”

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Image Credit: Nick Keyes via YouTube

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