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WATCH: Cooking A Pizza Four Days Into A Big Wall Climb


Multi-day climbs are pretty darn cool. It’s like a multi-day hiking trip, but you’re spending your day on the side on of a massive wall rather than on stable ground! Your day consists of climbing the wall, entertaining yourself on the wall, using the bathroom on the wall, sleeping on the wall, and, of course, eating on the wall.

Eating, of course, means either relying on beef jerky and other things that don’t need preparation, or finding a way to cook. Personally, I’d never really thought about the cooking process on a big wall until I saw this video, but climber Cedar Christensen provides us with this great demonstration of the joy, and difficulties, of cooking on the wall.

“Cedar Christensen demonstrates how to cook a pizza on a big wall on day 4 of our free climb of the South African Route on the Central Tower of Paine in Patagonia, Chile.”

[embedded content]

Image Credit: Tyler Karow via YouTube

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