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Southern New Hampshire Just Got 2-3 FEET Of Snow


When I returned back home from my Utah ski trip, I wasn’t expecting to see the largest snowfall of New England’s winter on my doorstep.

A massive Nor’easter rolled through New England over the past few days, leaving behind some rarely-seen snowfall totals. In Southern New Hampshire, this led to 2-3 feet of snow at some ski resorts. Here are the biggest snowfall totals from Southern New Hampshire.

The biggest winner of the storm was the recently revived Granite Gorge Mountain Park in Keene. They got 2.5-3 feet of snow from this system.

Crotched Mountain got 32″ of snow from the Nor’easter, but they’re closed today due to a power outage. They’ll likely reopen tomorrow.

Mount Sunapee also saw some huge totals from the storm, with 31″ of snowfall.

Pats Peak was the other big winner, with 30″ of snowfall. They were closed on Tuesday due to power outages but reopened today for a historic powder day.

Gunstock also got 19″ of snow from the storm. They released a webcam video of the past couple of days that shows how intense the storm was.

Whaleback, which is located just off I-89, is reporting 16″+, and they’re 100% open.

While Ragged Mountain didn’t get the massive storm that some of these mountains did, they got 14″ of powder, which is still pretty solid. They’re also 100% open, which includes their extensive glade network.

In other news, this is what my walkway to my apartment in New Hampshire currently looks like. I have a feeling that I’m going to need to use a foam roller for my back pain tonight.

Image Credits: Granite Gorge Mountain Park (Featured Image), Mount Sunapee (Header Image), Crotched Mountain, Pats Peak, Gunstock Mountain Resort, Whaleback Mountain, Ragged Mountain Resort, Ian Wood Of Unofficial Networks

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