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Five Reasons Why Alpine Skiers Should Try Nordic Skiing


Nordic skiing, or cross-country skiing, is often looked down upon by Alpine skiers. Because you typically ski across terrain that is flat or rolling, it a seen as a boring alternative to the rush of downhill skiing.

But after 10-plus years of embracing nordic skiing, I have really grown to love the sport. It can be done in a variety of settings that offer a peaceful wilderness experience with a fantastic workout. Here are several reasons why alpine skiers should try Nordic skiing:

Cross-training: Nordic skiing offers a great opportunity for cross-training, which can help improve an alpine skier’s overall fitness and technique. Nordic skiing work’s different muscle groups and can improve balance and coordination, which can translate to better performance on the slopes.

Access to more terrain: Nordic skiing allows skiers to access a wider range of terrain, including groomed trails, backcountry routes, and wooded areas that may not be accessible by alpine skiing. This can provide a new and exciting challenge for skiers looking to explore new terrain.

Lower cost: Nordic skiing is generally less expensive than alpine skiing, as it requires less equipment and often does not require lift tickets or passes.

A different kind of challenge: Nordic skiing requires a different set of skills than alpine skiing, such as efficient pacing and proper technique for classic and skate skiing. This can provide a new and fun challenge for skiers looking to expand their skills.

Enjoyment of the outdoors: Nordic skiing allows skiers to enjoy the outdoors in a peaceful and quiet setting, with opportunities to take in the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. This results in a much different experience than your typical ski resort day.

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