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A-Basin Ambushed People In Parking Lots And Brought Them Up To Ski Area


We gotta hand it to Arapahoe Basin for coming up with a unique way to show skiers and snowboarders their amazing ski hill.

Some skiers and snowboarders might not realize that there’s a place tucked behind Loveland Pass where the soul of skiing is very much alive and well. That place is called A-Basin. To familiarize the ski area to people who haven’t been or typically ride somewhere else, A-basin set up an ambush at a carpooling parking lot in Devenr.

They intercepted these folks as they booted up in the Dino Lots on a random Saturday morning in March. With the help of Gus Kenworthy, they approached skiers and riders with two options – they could continue on with their plans to ski wherever it is they were going to, or, if they were up for an adventure that doesn’t include road rage and 30-minute lift lines, jump on a tricked-out A-basin bus and have a once-in-a-lifetime catered ski experience. While on the bus, the participants were given themed merch and GoPros. They played ski trivia and the winners got choice seats at the most unique A-Basin dining spots – Il Rifugio and Steilhang.

Once at A-Basin, the participants were treated to a legendary experience, including:

● Guided tour around the different terrain
● Lunch at the base of the East Wall
● Apres party at “The Beach”

As the day wrapped up and participants headed back to the Front Range, they received additional A-Basin lift tickets to make sure they had a chance to return before the season ends, and one lucky winner went home with a new pair of skis and another with a 23-24 season pass!

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