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Utah Skier Details Deadly Upper Weber Canyon Cat Skiing Avalanche


“They went down and the whole side of the mountain fell off, and so I’d never seen anything like it before in my life. So when the whole side of the mountain came off, it’s almost like a flash flood.” -Trevor Hanson

Details are emerging about that deadly avalanche that struck in Upper Weber Canyon last Thursday. FOX13 spoke with Trevor Hanson who was with 14 other skiers and their guides on a cat skiing trip when disaster struck.

Hanson describes it as a perfect day with fresh turns in ample powder under blue bird skies until their last run of the day when an avalanche was triggered. The group was in a new area they hadn’t skied before and the guides traversed the terrain to test stability. The snow held and the first guide made tracks for the group to follow. Two skiers followed and an avalanche was triggered. Both men were buried and sadly one was killed.

You could see that it just took the skiers out, went over the hill to the bottom of the canyon, then just ran down the canyon forever.” -Trevor Hanson

The Utah Avalanche Center is currently working with the operation involved in this accident to prepare a report and asks for patience as they work to sort out the details. We will be sure to follow up when complete information is available. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased.

Utah Avalanche Center Accident and Rescue Summary: 

Preliminary report
A group of guided skiers triggered a large avalanche in Upper Weber Canyon. Two skiers were caught, carried, and buried. A transceiver search ensued. One skier was successfully excavated and flown to a nearby hospital. The other skier was buried deeper and wasn’t breathing when he was uncovered. Both air ambulance and guide personnel initiated CPR, but he passed away at the scene.

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