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Purgatory Resort Planning To Remove Lift 11


The newest lift at Purgatory Resort in Colorado could possibly be moved to another ski resort.

According to the Denver Post, Lift 11 was never positioned by the manufacturer to be properly used. A reconfiguration was considered, but it was deemed too expensive in 2019 and delayed again in the following years due to the pandemic. Mountain Capital Partners is now considering moving it to another one of their properties.

Here’s what Theresa Graven, who is the spokeswoman for Purgatory Resort, had to say about the future of Lift 11:

“Purgatory is currently looking for alternate locations across the Collective where the two sections can be installed either separately or together as was originally envisioned at Purg.”

Purgatory Resort is owned by Mountain Capital Partners, which owns and/or operates Arizona Snowbowl, Brian Head, Hesperus, Nordic Valley, Pajarito Mountain, Spider Mountain Bike Park, Valle Nevado, and Willamette Pass.

Lift 11 is a set of Swiss Cord lifts that opened back in early 2017. The lifts can be accessed off the Dirty’s Secret, Siegle Street, and Bottom’s Chute trails. Lift 11 was intended to remove the walkout from these trails that is required to reach Lift 8 (Legends).

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me as to why they can’t just modify it to its current spot, but it’ll be interesting to see where they put these Swiss Cord lifts end up in the future.

Image Credits: Purgatory Resort

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