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MASSIVE Snow Totals To Hit Maine Ski Areas Over The Next 24 Hours


Dark clouds are forming on Saddleback’s Top of the Rangeley Cam as of 2:30pm ET

While New England may not have had the greatest early ski season weather, it seems like things have truly begun to turn around. The current Nor’easter slamming the eastern states has already left a major snow dump on Vermont’s resorts, but if you were to look at the live cams for Maine’s ski areas as of 2pm ET on March 14, you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell that there’s a storm coming.

Fortunately for those Maine skiers, and unfortunately for those who are sick of winter, the storm is whipping in, and it’s whipping in fast. So let’s take a quick look at snow expectations for a few of Maine’s popular ski areas, and maybe give those itching for a late April/early May East Coast ski season conclusion a bit of hardcore hope.

Sugarloaf‘s snowstorm, according to the National Weather Service, isn’t truly set to begin until around 4pm ET March 14, with some patches of snow here and there before then. Throughout the rest of this afternoon, the mountain is expected to receive 2-4 inches of new snow and, throughout tonight, an accumulation of 3-7 inches is possible. For the pessimists, that means somewhere around 5 inches throughout the storm. For the optimists, that means somewhere around a foot, especially with the possibility of some more snow Wednesday morning.

According to the National Weather Service, as of 2:15pm ET March 14, Sunday River‘s storm has already begun. According to Sunday River’s Webcam, as of 2:15pm ET, the weather is fairly cloudy, but the air remains clear. That said, Sunday River is expected to get around 2-4 inches of snow throughout the rest of the day, with another 2-4 inches during the night. A little less than Sugarloaf, but still a possibility of 4-8 inches total throughout the storm. The chance of snow falling during the day on Wednesday, March 15, is, unfortunately rather low.

Sunday River’s less-than snowy Peak Lodge View webcam from 2:20pm ET, March 14

Saddleback‘s snowstorm, according to the National Weather Service, is set to look quiet a bit like Sugarloaf’s, bringing a possible 2-4 inches of snowfall throughout the rest of the day, and around 3-7 inches throughout the night. One main difference, however, is that Saddleback is much more likely to get around an inch of snow on Wednesday morning. So, for those who need the math done, Saddleback is looking at around 5-12 inches throughout the next 24 hours. Definitely a worthy storm for New England.


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