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Alta Town Marshal Shares Stories of Skiers Trying To Sneak Around Snow Closures


“We’ve found them in the vans, hiding under blankets, we’ve banged on their doors, we’ve used bullhorns to order them out of the vehicles. Maybe some of my favorite stories include doing the Casper the ghost thing, you know, taking a tablecloth from one of the restaurants and cutting the eyes out and trying to cross the parking lot.” –Alta Town Marshal Mike Morey

With 650 inches of snow and counting, Alta, Utah has had a hell of year as far as conditions are concerned but with that incredible precipitation comes the inevitable Interlodge Orders, requiring everyone at Alta to stay indoors and vacant the town, and the renegade skiers who try to outsmart the authorities to access fresh powder.

ABC4 spoke with Alta Town Marshal Mike Morey has seen all varieties of  sneaky skiers attempting to skirt closures including one audacious lawbreaker who threw a tablecloth over their head and tried to blend in with the snow while crossing a parking lot (really wish we had bodycam footage of that).

Marshal Morey wants the public to know that while these antics may be amusing the penalties faced by skiers caught violating the Interlodge order are quite serious. Serious like a Class B Misdemeanor serious where you could end up paying a $1,000 dollar fine and spend up to six months in jail.

Not sure if Casper ended up spending anytime in the clink but consider yourself warned.

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