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Solitude & Snowbird Join The 600″ Club


The roof of the Stone Haus Pizzeria and Creamery looks like a nice powder stash.                Image Credit: Solitude Mountain Resort

Utah has had an extraordinarily deep winter, as all the ski resorts in the state have seen massive snowfall. Before this past weekend, Alta and Brighton had already exceeded 600 inches of snow. Thanks to a wet system that came through Friday and Saturday, two more ski resorts in the Cottonwoods joined the 600″ club.

Snowbird got to 600″ thanks to 10″ of snow from the wet storm. On Sunday, they got another 4″ of snow. I got to visit on Sunday, and it was a pretty fun day with not many lines or canyon traffic going up or down. As of Monday, their current snowfall total sits at 609″.

Over in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Solitude got past 600″ thanks to fourteen inches over the weekend. I got over there on Thursday after they got 8″ of soft snow, and conditions were excellent. I also got over there with a friend today after they got 3″ of snow on Sunday, and the conditions, especially in Honeycomb Canyon, were awesome. Their snowfall total this season is currently at 604″.

Both Snowbird and Solitude will likely be duking it out for the longest season in Utah, as Solitude has confirmed their intention to stay open as long as they can after they made it to May last year.

With the snowfall being deep enough, Snowbird may have a chance to make it to June, or even July 4th, as they have done in the past. In the meantime, they’re many deep powder days ahead for Utah.

Image/Video Credits: Snowbird (Featured Image), Solitude Mountain Resort, Ian Wood of Unofficial Networks

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