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WATCH: Hundreds Of Skiers Crowd Slope For First Tracks


No Thanks GIFs | Tenor

No Thanks GIFs | Tenor

A rope drop on Mineral Basin at Snowbird, Utah is not for the faint of heart.

Hundreds of skiers and snowboarders race to the rope, pick their spot, and wait impatiently for ski patrol to give them the all clear.

Then, just as the rope touches the snow, the masses furiously race downhill to score as many fresh turns as possible.

It’s intense, to say the least.

The video below shows what a rope drop on Mineral Basin looks like from a distance. It reminds me of that Olympics commercial from last year…

Video uploaded to Twitter by @TheGolfSpace

The funny part is that the video’s uploader claims that the snow isn’t even good…

Can you imagine anxiously waiting for a rope drop only to be skunked by crusty, windblown snow? That would be no bueno.

Here’s hoping somebody in that sea of ants was able to score some decent turns.

Trail map Snowbird

Trail map Snowbird

^Mineral Basin Trail Map, Snowbird

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