First Disabled Ski Team Set to Traverse Largest Icecap in Western Europe


On 14th April 2023, Ed Jackson, Darren Edwards and Dr Niall McCann embark upon their  journey to cross Iceland’s Vatnajokull Glacier. NEW

Former professional rugby player – Ed Jackson [34], ex mountaineer and Army Reservist – Darren Edwards [32] and biologist specialising in endangered species – Dr Niall McCann [41], each had an accident which resulted in a spinal cord injury and a set of disabilities unique to them.

Ed and Niall, who have walking difficulties and sensation loss in their lower limbs, will be travelling on skis.

Darren will be completing the challenge in a sit-ski pushing himself along using poles.

The men will be linked together by a single rope, and without any guidance or support.

They will make the journey as a united team.

Image c/o Millimetres 2 Mountains

Image c/o Millimetres 2 Mountains

Battling storms, crevasses and temperatures of -20 degrees, the team will set out on a completely unsupported expedition.

They will be raising funds for Millimetres 2 Mountains, a UK-based charity dedicated to creating positive change for people facing mental health challenges due to encountering adversity in their lives.

Their mission is to raise £155,000 – that’s £1,000 for every kilometre the team traverse across the ice cap.

For more information and to donate, please visit –

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