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VIDEO: Using A Winch To Snowboard Uphill Really Has Me Thinking


“It basically feels like you’re riding an uphill wave but you’re in powder.”

Winches have long been used in skiing and snowboarding to get tons of speed in a short distance for urban tricks but the technology has improved over the past few years and the gas chugging internal combustion driven machines that required a support vehicle are being replaced by quieter, more compact and transportable electric versions.

At just 36.6lbs, the nifty little contraption known as the Moto-Winch featured in the following video could be fairly easily broken down to it’s component parts and hiked into backcountry locations opening up a vast array of both downhill and uphill opportunities. Line length, up to 1000 feet. Top speed, 35mph. They don’t come cheap ($4,995) but the possibilities presented really got me thinking. Check it out: 

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