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Resort At Squaw Creek Announces New Name


Back in 2021, Palisades Tahoe changed its name from Squaw Valley due to the word Squaw being a disrespectful term towards Native American women.

One of the last holdouts from the Squaw Valley era was the Resort At Squaw Creek. The changeover to a new name has been planned since 2021, which was when Palisades Tahoe announced its new name. They sadly didn’t choose our suggested Death Star name.

KOLO reports that on Friday, the hotel announced its new name will be Everline Resort & Spa. The Ever part of the name comes from it being an evergreen mountain escape that’s great to visit throughout the year. The line part of the name comes from the railroad lines that initially connected guests to Palisades Tahoe. They also say that the name evokes the everlasting experiences and lines of connection that the resort provides. The property will remain part of the Hyatt hotel brand.

I think the new name sucks. They could’ve done something creative that honors the local area or Native Americans, just like they did over at Washeshu Peak where the hotel is situated, but they went with something bland that makes it sounds like an average hotel.

You can read their official statement below.

Image/Video Credits: Everline Resort & Spa

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