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WATCH: Skiing All 16 Lines In Utah’s Wolverine Cirque In 10.5 Hours


According to the Wasatch Backcountry Skiing Guide, Mount Wolverine is a 10,795′ peak tucked between Alta and Brighton in Utah. While Alta does, from time to time, perform some avalanche control on portions of the mountain, it is a fully backcountry accessed mountain. One face features the Wolverine Bowl, a gentle, intermediate area, while the other features the Wolverine Cirque, a territory of 16 challenging lines.

Skiing all 16 lines means climbing around 10,000 vertical feet and traveling around 10 miles in total. If I, right now, attempted to ski as much of the Wolverine Cirque as possible in one day, I think I’d get maybe two or three lines in and have to quit. Alex Quitiquit, Cam Price, and JM Fabrizi, however, can do it all in just under 10.5 hours.

This is a pretty darn cool project, and definitely a cool video. I’ve just started to dip my feet into backcountry skiing, and stuff like this definitely makes me what to do a ton more. Shout out to Backcountry, Mountain Hardware, and Gore-Tex for making cool stuff like this happen.

“Every so often, a questionable idea for an adventure comes to mind that we just can’t seem to shake. The rewards outweigh the hardships, even if only by a smidge. For Backcountry employees Alex Quitiquit and Cam Price, that daunting objective finally came to fruition: skiing all 16 lines in the Wolverine Cirque in a single day. And who would be better to join them than Backcountry ambassador JM Fabrizi?”

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Image Credit: Backcountry via YouTube

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