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Skiers Watch In Horror As Man Ragdolls Down Big Couloir (Watch)


Fair warning- the video you’re about to see is pretty hard to watch.

The Big Couloir is one of the most challenging lines at Big Sky Resort, MT.

It’s regarded as a proving ground for big mountain skiers, and passengers on the Lone Peak Tram are treated to a spectacular view of the full route.

The video below shows what can happen when you fall on the Big Couloir.

SPOILER: It’s not pretty.

[embedded content]

skiingkms2010: “On March 12th 2021 George missed his first turn in the Big Couloir and slid down the whole thing.

He dislocated and fractured his shoulder and broke his tib-fib. It will be a long recovery, but he should be skiing next year.”

Thank god that dude only suffered injuries to his shoulder and a broken leg.

You know it’s bad when you can hear somebody on the tram tell others not to watch as the skier is furiously sliding down the mountain.

^The Big Couloir as seen on Big Sky’s Bowl Insert Trail Map

It’s been nearly two years since the incident occurred.

Here’s hoping George has made a full recovery!

More on The Big Couloir from Big Sky Resort:

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