Scottish Ski Resorts See Some Snow


After a lean period for snow the Scottish ski resorts finally have some snow. The eastern resorts have had the best of it and it is now falling in the west too. NEW

An arctic blast has hit the UK and the resorts in Scotland have seen some snow, with cold temperatures.

Kinbrace in the Highlands recorded the coldest March night in the UK since 2010 after the temperature fell to -15.4C.

It has led to snow in the ski areas.

Some report up to 35cm of fresh snow and on Wednesday the sun made an appearance.

Here’s the Lecht.

PlanetSKI’s Scotland reporting team, Rod and Dianne Frazer, have been making a few turns in The Lecht.

And in nearby Cairngorm:

“It’s calm, clear and sunny which is forecast all day and a temperature of -11C rising to -9C,” said the resort.

“We have some lovely snow conditions with 35cm of fresh cold powdery snow from yesterday.”

Over the in the west the ski areas are seeing snow too, but not in the same quantities.

The Nevis Range has seen some at the top of the ski area.

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