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Colorado’s Oldest Chairlift Will Stop Spinning After 70 Years Of Operation


Colorado’s oldest chairlift will conclude this season with just one more year of spinning to look forward to. According to Summit Daily, the Segundo chair lift, a fixed-grip center pole double chair located at Sunlight Mountain Ski Resort in Glenwood Springs, Colorado,  will meet its end in April 2024.

“It’s a very safe machine, I just think it’s time that it gets retired. A lot of that is public perception. They get on this old stuff, some people don’t like it. They don’t feel as secure on it. And no matter how good you maintain a machine, it’s not going to run forever. I’d rather replace it before it retires itself.” – Sunlight Mountain Assistant GM Ross Terry

Segundo, or “the second”, began its life on Aspen Mountain back in 1954. In 1973, it became Sunlight’s second lift (as the name suggests), traveling 500 feet per minute with a length of 4,556 feet, delivering 922 people per hour.

The lift is set to be replaced with Arapahoe Basin’s former Lenawee Lift, a fixed-grip triple that had a capacity of 1,800 people per hour. The old Lenawee Lift was replaced by a six-pack over the summer of 2022.

It’s definitely nice to see the old Lenawee Lift finding a new home and, while Segundo is certainly a major part of history and will no doubt be missed, it’s definitely cool to see Sunlight get something a little bit faster.

Featured Image Credit: Sunlight Mountain Resort via Facebook

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