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WATCH: 800 Pound Alaskan Beasts Violently Ram Each Other


The Alaskan Muskox is a hoofed animal of the Bovidae family (same as cattle, bison, and antelope).

The population was practically extinct by 1920.

Conservation efforts over the last century have sent the population roaring back to 4,000, but we don’t often see pictures or videos of these large mammals.

The video below shows two huge male muskox, weighing up to 800 pounds each, ramming their heads together at full speed to compete for a female.

It’s pretty shocking just how violent their repeated collisions are.

That sound is still shocking every time I hear it.

Here’s an idea- somebody from the NFL should study muskox skulls to create safer helmets for players.

There’s obviously something up there that’s working.

More info about the Alaskan muskox from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game:

Photo of a Muskox

Photo of a Muskox

“The muskox (Ovibos moschatus) is a stocky, long-haired animal with a slight shoulder hump and a very short tail. Inupiaq-speaking Eskimos call itomingmak, meaning “the animal with skin like a beard,” a reference to the long guard hair that hangs nearly to the ground.

Both male and female muskoxen have horns, but the horns of bulls are larger and heavier than those of cows. The horns of bulls develop large bases which nearly span the entire forehead. The coat consists of a long, coarse, outer layer, and a short, fine underhair.

Coloration of the Greenland muskox, the race found in Alaska, is generally dark brown with creamy-colored hair on the “saddle,” forehead, and legs. Muskoxen have cloven hooves, all four of which are the same size.

Mature bulls are about 5 feet high at the shoulder and weigh 600-800 pounds. Cows are smaller, averaging approximately 4 feet in height and weighing 400-500 pounds.”

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