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JT Holmes Joins Peak Ski Company As Senior Director of Business Development


Peak Ski Company announced earlier this morning that professional skier and stunt master JT Holmes has joined Bode Miller and Andy Wirth as Senior Director of Business Development.

“I am very excited to be working with Bode and Andy on Peak’s leadership team. The decision to join the Peak Ski Company team was based on a shared ethos of innovation, performance, precision, and grit. Andy and Bode are both greatly respected in the industry and they’ve developed an incredible line of skis, making the transition easy. Peak has so much more groundbreaking development on the horizon that I simply knew that aligning with them for the long term is where I belong.” – JT Holmes

Holmes’ position is set to focus on global business development, marketing, and product design, reporting directly to Andy Wirth.

Credit: FACEBOOK/Peak Skis

“JT and I have worked together on various projects and spent a ton of time together skydiving, skiing and more. I’m quite confident in his ability to have a very positive impact, right out of the gates here at Peak. In fact, he has already opened new, strategic-level business development opportunities for the company through his vast network.” – Andy Wirth

Peak Skis was founded in Montana just around a year ago. The company offers a range of skis, from the on-trail focused Peak 88 to the off-trail exploratory Peak 104SC.

While I haven’t had the opportunity to try out a pair of these for myself, I’ve only heard darn good things, and with yet another ski legend joining the company and putting some skin in the game, I’m willing to gamble those good things usually reign true. I can definitely tell you that I’m considering snagging a pair for myself to cruise on next season!

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Featured Image Credit: Peak Skis via YouTube

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