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Illinois Ski Resort Concludes Its Shortest Season Ever


Added quite a challenge in terms of we didn’t get the natural snow. And with the warmer temperatures, we weren’t really able to make snow.– Rod Leatherman, Snowstar Outdoor Manager

The Midwest and Southeast have had a rough season, as minimal snowfall and warm temperatures have made many ski resorts cut their seasons short. Over at Snowstar Ski Resort in Andalusia, Illinois, their ski season lasted just twenty-seven days.
According to WQAD News 8, this was half of their previous record low, which was 54 days. A lack of snow, along with a dearth of continuous days to make snow, led to an insufficient snowpack, and thus, an early closure.
Offseason work has already begun on the mountain. Snowmaking equipment is being stored for the spring and summer months, and various chairlifts will undergo repairs.
Snowstar is focusing on adding more offseason activities, as it already has disc golf, paintball, and hosts various events. They are also planning to purchase 8 to 10 snowmaking guns to help out in warm winters like this one.
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