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The Biggest Ski Cliff Jump Still Blows Our Minds (Watch)


Jamie Pierre was a pioneer in the world of freeskiing.

The man who learned to ski at little ol’ Buck Hill, Minnesota (the same place as Lindsey Vonn), ended up being one of the most accomplished big mountain skiers of the early 21st Century.

Pierre appeared in multiple Warren Miller films, shot parts with Matchstick Productions, and made cameos in movies by Teton Gravity Research.

He took his career to new heights when he set the record for the biggest cliff jump in 2006. Pierre hucked himself off a 255-foot cliff in the Grand Targhee, WY backcountry.

Check out the incredible clip below. It never gets old:

[embedded content]

Pierre miraculously survived the fall, and skied away with only a cut up lip from one his partner’s shovels. They had to dig him out of a 12-foot-deep bomb hole that his body created on impact.

It’s estimated that Pierre nearly reached terminal velocity in the spectacular jump/fall.

Pierre tragically died in avalanche in 2011, but his amazing accomplishment will be remembered forever.

Some ski historians actually debate whether or not Pierre’s record still stands.

Pierre deliberately jumped off this cliff, but Norwegian freeskier Fred Syverson accidentally jumped off an even larger cliff while filming a movie in 2008.

Syverson made a wrong turn in the Alps and sent himself launching off a 352-foot cliff.

Check out the clip below:

[embedded content]

It’s a shame we didn’t get a better angle of Syverson actually jumping, but the panning shot of the cliff’s size tells you everything you need to know.

Syverson was unconscious when he was dug out, but only suffered minor bruises and damage to his liver in the crash.

So, what do you think?

Should Jamie Pierre or Fred Syverson hold the record?

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