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Natural Selection Revelstoke Starts NOW (Watch Here)


The Natural Selection Tour’s stop at Revelstoke, BC is going down today, March 6th, 2023 at 9AM PT.

Today’s event is slated to be an all-timer as 12 of the world’s best snowboarders go head-to-head.

Check out the live stream broadcast below:

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Here’s more information about the competitors and venue:

This year’s line-up is made up of an incredible mix of Olympic and X Games medalists, Tour Champions and backcountry freestyle masters.

For the women competing at Revelstoke, it’s a battle of all-mountain experience with 2022 Tour Champion Elena Hight (USA) and backcountry legend Kimmy Fasani (USA),sharing the drop zone with the Tour’s two youngest competitors Zoi Sadowski-Synnott (NZL) and Hailey Langland(USA), who bring contest-fresh freestyle skills to the backcountry.

The men’s field in Revelstoke includes 2022 Tour Champion Travis Rice (USA) and inaugural 2021 Tour Champion Mikkel Bang (NOR), along with Blake Paul(USA), Jared Elston (USA),Ben Ferguson (USA),Dustin Craven (CAN) and Torstein Horgmo (NOR).

Mark McMorris, won his DUEL, but is unfortunately out due to an injury, the Tour wishes him a quick recovery. Mikey Ciccarelli(CAN), who challenged McMorris in the DUEL, will be riding Revelstoke in McMorris’ place.

Olympic and X Games Slopestyle Gold Medalist Zoi Sadowski-Synnott returns to the Tour this year after winning the 2022 TAE Natural Selection Baldface and finishing third overall, she says, “I’m really looking forward to riding in Revelstoke, I hear the snow is all time. I can’t wait to see the zone and who I’m up against. It should be sick!”

The competing field of eight men and four women snowboarders earned their place on the second stage of the Tour by winning their Natural Selection DUEL. DUELS, the 2023 Tour’s first stage, is a series of twelve head-to-head backcountry competitions, which are now streaming on-demand at Red Bull TV.

Must-see highlights include Travis Rice and Red Gerard dropping technical spins in dramatic Jackson Hole heli-access terrain; Hailey Langland and Leanne Pelosi trading jabs in the Whistler backcountry; Ben Ferguson and Nils Mindnich going blow for blow in the Whistler backcountry; and Torstein Horgmo and John Jackson linking up clean transitions in the Colorado Rockies among many others.


On Saturday’s scope day, riders will get the first, up-close glimpse of the new Revelstoke backcountry competition zone, being referred to as Boulder Park. “This venue reflects the incredible artistic formations that snow can take on in the heart of the Interior of British Columbia. Here the hydrological cycle meets sensational terrain with optimal elevation at its finest,” said Travis Rice, pro snowboarder and co-founder of the Natural Selection Tour.

“Riders will have to bring everything they have ever learned to excel, because this venue will challenge the creativity and skills riders are bringing with them in ways no other competition has before. This event is going to be ridiculous! Don’t miss this thing when it is live, and the world’s best get a shot at laying down what are potentially some of the best lines ever ridden.”

For scale, the new Boulder Park venue is four-times the size of previous Natural Selection live events guaranteeing unique lines and fresh landings throughout the four-hour live event.

Featured Image Credit: Dean “Blotto” Gray/Natural Selection

Header Image Credit: Chad Chomlack / Natural Selection

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