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WATCH: Elena Hight Rides Alaskan Spines In Dreamy Powder


Chills. I actually have chills after watching this video.

I spend about 4-8 hours a day (wait…I mean… just in case my bosses are reading this… I definitely spend 8 hours *every* day) perusing the internet for videos that I think all of you will like.

It’s not very often that I watch a clip that actually gets me to feel something.

The video below of Elena Hight absolutely ripping powdery spine lines in Alaska has me feeling some type of way.

Check it out:

[embedded content]

“GoPro Athlete Elena Hight is no stranger to massive lines + exposure on a snowboard, but Alaska is a different level. Watch through the lens of her HERO11 Black as she shreds multi thousand vertical foot runs in just seconds during a backcountry heli-skiing trip in the last frontier.”

Incredible, right?

Those big toe-side turns along the spines… are you kidding me?!?!

I’m a skier, but snowboarding almost always looks like more fun when it comes to powder, and Hight makes it look better than most.

The goosebumps have subsided, but I’m still feeling so stoked after watching that video. You know what, f*** it, I’m gonna watch it another 50 times.

Watching the same video on loop counts towards my 8 hours a day of watching skiing and snowboarding content, right?

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