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VIDEO: Snowboarder Climbs Tree To Evade Angry Moose


“Backcountry riding and we were on a pump track to get back inbounds. Saw signs of a moose, unstrapped and started walking down the trail and saw her about 100ft up the trail. She got all aggressive so we turned around and chilled for 20, walked back up the trail and she was still there even more aggressive. Found a decent tree and waiting for her to do her thing, and she did lol.”

Wild moose encounter filmed by a Colorado snowboarder from the safety of a tree that he climbed to avoid getting trampled. They saw the moose from a distance and had plenty of time to find a safe perch and felt comfortable enough to pull out a phone and record. Good thing they were in snowboard boots and not ski boots or this escape may not have been possible.

“Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been in this situation, first on a board.”

“I’ve seen this cow all year with two calves, summer and now winter. Last week when I came across them I was able to ski right and maintain distance until they passed. I think a lone skier that passed us before aggravated her to the point to run down to the trail. Then along we come and it pissed her off. Since we had to stay on this track to get inbounds, we couldn’t ride around, just climb and wait. This encounter won’t change my feelings on moose, I just have more respect. Just stay quiet and calm, and have a tree in mind if you feel they don’t want to move.”

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