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Snowshoe Mountain Resort Hanging On In Spite Of Warm Winter


“This has been an unprecedented challenge for ski operations this season. Our season is total I think less than half of what our previous historical low was for right now.”Shawn Cassell, Digital Marketing & PR Manager for Snowshoe Mountain Resort. 

Over the past week, numerous ski resorts in the Southeast and Midwest have cut their season short due to warm weather. One of the powerhouses in the region, Snowshoe Mountain Resort, is still open, but they’re struggling.

WSLS 10 reports that they’ve closed their Silver Creek area due to the warm temperatures. Webcams show sufficient snow coverage on the runs, but there is no snow in the non-snowmaking areas.

Conditions are bleak over at Silver Creek, which is officially closed for the season.

In spite of this, they’re probably in the best shape of any ski resort in the Southeast right now, with 32 trails and 140 skiable acres open. Snowshoe is better positioned for these kinds of situations because it spent $5 million on snowmaking enhancements in recent years. Luckily, they’ll be able to make some snow this weekend to help them maintain their snowpack.

A video report from WSLS 10 is below.

[embedded content]

Image/Video Credits: Snowshoe Mountain Resort, WSLS 10

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