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Skiers Complete Country’s Longest XC Ski Race In Tandem (Watch)


KARE 11 News has what I’m unofficially calling the best story of the winter.

Chris Parr & Joe Dubay are former college cross-country ski teammates that decided to take on the country’s longest, and most famous, cross-country ski race on the same pair of skis.

The 55km American Birkebeiner takes place each year in Hayward, Wisconsin, and is considered the pinnacle of XC ski races in the country.

Their incredible and wacky accomplishment is only part of the story.

Give this short video a watch. It’s worth it:

[embedded content]

Who woulda thought that a 6-minute video about some wacky Nordic skiers from Minnesota could make me tear up and laugh hysterically on a Thursday morning?

I’ll never understand why cross-country skiers enjoy the sport, but kudos to both Chris and Joe for keeping it fun.

Skiing is skiing, after all.

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