News Flash: Week of March 1, 2023


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FREESKIERFEST returns to Jackson Hole Monday, March 6

The best time of the year is BACK! That’s right, FREESKIERFEST—the much-anticipated annual ski test—returns to Jackson Hole starting this coming Monday, March 6. For five glorious days dozens upon dozens of testers will hop on a smathering of next year’s skis to let you know which sticks are worth spending next month’s rent. Stay tuned for daily updates starting Monday!

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Dew Tour 2023 went OFF last weekend

Colby Stevenson grabbed yet another gold this season for Dew Tour’s ski men’s Super Streetstyle and Brendan Mackay snagged the top podium spot in ski men’s Superpipe taking himself over 18 feet out of the pipe. On the women’s side of things, Lisa Zimmerman took home first-place hardware in ski women’s Super Streetstyle. Unfortunately, there was no women’s ski Superpipe.

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JIB LEAGUE just launched the inaugural episode

The first-ever Jib League event took place last week at Skyline Park in Nordkette, Austria. In the first episode of the first season, seven qualifiers from the Open Jam (open to all ages, genders and abilities) meet 12 world class pros and the three founders: Oystein Braten, Ferdinand Dahl and James Woodsy.

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Megan Dingman and friends find too much pow!?

Megan Dingman has debuted her new YouTube vlog series for the 2023 season and episode two is DEEP—literally. In true Utah fashion, Dingman and her good friends set out to plunder the record-setting snowfall in the Wasatch backcountry and the crew arguably finds too much snow!? Check out her entire series on YouTube.

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Braun Bernhard takes us on a Bavarian adventure in ‘SINNER FIELDS’

Braun Bernhard is a Bavarian at heart and spent his entire 2022 season exploring the Austrian Alps. Along with Joshua Braun and David Werner, Braun lives and skis out of his camper in true Bavarian ski-bum style.

Michelle Parker brings Coline Ballet-Baz on to the podcast

Coline Ballet-Baz got her start as a park competition skier and found many successes in that world but has recently transitioned to filming full time and the French skier has seemed to find her stride. Having produced two women’s ski films, so far, SKIVAS and RECIPE have proven to resonate with all women in the industry.

Nicke Goepper gets on the mic for episode 64 of Two Planker Podcast

Nick Goepper has been one of the biggest names in competition park skiing for the last decade but has recently stepped away from the start gate to pursue other ski passions. In this episode, Nick shares his candid insights on the influence of academies, how to make money as a pro skier and why he decided to step away from comp skiing.

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