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Mainer Refurbishes Vintage 1907 Skis For Shredding


“These skis are fun. Today’s skis are fun, just a slightly different tool, but we’re doing the same thing — the sport really hasn’t changed that much.” Glenn Parkinson, Historian for the Maine Ski & Snowboard Museum.

Back in 1907, Maine’s Pioneering Paris Manufacturing company released its annual buyer’s catalog. One of the items for sale was a dozen skis. Called The Norwegian, a dozen skis had a total cost of $18 back in the day, and poles were included. The skis were likely the first commercially successful skis in the country.

WMTV reports that Glenn Parkinson, who runs the Maine Ski & Snowboard Museum, was able to acquire a couple of pairs of these 1907 Norweigan skis. Rather than just letting them stay in the museum, Glenn and some of his friends decided to try them out.

After that, they let the Bates and Bowdoin Nordic Race teams use them. The skis, which featured a single pole, leather straps, and rounded edges, were even challenging to use for skilled nordic athletes.

Click here to find out more about the Maine Ski & Snowboard Museum.

Image Credits: WMTW

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