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How Dropping Into Corbet’s Couloir Goes For Most People (Hilarious)


corbets couloir Archives - SnowBrains

corbets couloir Archives - SnowBrains

Every skier and snowboarder who visits Jackson Hole Mountain Resort knows the resort’s most famous trail- Corbet’s Couloir.

Corbet’s has its own freeride competition (click here to see who won this year’s Kings & Queens), and is regularly considered to be one of the most challenging in-bounds trails in the world.

Many look over the cornice and decide the entrance along the goat path is too difficult, and some decide to just send it.

Check out this funny video below by KindaMistish of first his attempt at dropping into Corbet’s:

[embedded content]

KindaMistish: “Second day of Corbet’s Couloir being open (to my best knowledge). Dec. 26th 2022. The conditions were horrible: low visibility, windy, and low coverage. I was second to drop that day.

Some advice i would give to anyone wanting to drop into Corbet’s is, yes it’s sketchy and yes it’s a hard turn but once you’re in the chute its fine. I would go sometime in march where the rock at the beginning of the drop is covered so you don’t hit the rock and crash like I did.

The one thing you couldn’t see was the smile on my face the entire way down. You’re not likely to permanently damage yourself on Corbet’s: my shin hurt when you put pressure on it for a week after, but that’s not even much of a hindrance.

Header Image Credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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