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Breaking News: Indy Pass Acquired by Entabeni Systems


The news is finally out. Indy Pass has been sold to Entabeni Systems for an undisclosed amount. Both Doug Fish, founder of the Indy Pass, and Erik Mogensen, Founder of Entabeni Systems, have written letters to the tens of thousands of Indy pass holders, which we have published below.

Disclosure: we are personal friends with both Doug and Eric, and we wish them much success in the future. It has been inspiring watching the growth of Indy pass, and we feel the pass product is in good hands with Eric and his team at Entabeni Systems.

About The Indy Pass: The Indy Pass is a multi-resort pass that provides skiers and snowboarders with access to multiple ski resorts across the United States. The pass is designed to offer more affordable and flexible options for avid skiers who want to explore different resorts throughout the season. With the Ski Indy Pass, pass holders can enjoy two days of skiing or riding at each of the participating resorts. The Ski Indy Pass can be purchased online and is valid for the entire ski season.

Dear Indy Passholder,

When we first conceived the Indy Pass in 2018, there was a glaring need for an affordable pass to access the hundreds of great independent resorts across North America.

Going into our fifth season, the growth and widespread acceptance of the Indy Revolution has been highly gratifying. Today, tens of thousands enjoy 139 exceptional resorts from Maine to Japan. As those ski areas have banded together in the face of corporate consolidation, we are all standing together to support independence.

The future of Indy Pass is bright if we have the resources to stay committed to our original mission. To help us stay competitive with the mega passes, I’m proud to announce the acquisition of Indy Pass by a long-time trusted partner who runs the technology platform that Indy Pass has always been built on. Entabeni Systems will help us achieve our goals without compromising our ideals.

Entabeni is a 100% ski-focused, small business that provides technology solutions for dozens of independent ski resorts across North America. I will continue to manage the Indy Pass, but now with the vast technical resources of Entabeni behind us.
The list of benefits to our passholders and resorts from Entabeni’s commitment is significant, and I encourage you to read the note from Entabeni below.

I want to thank you for your incredible support and wish you nothing but perfect turns.

Stay stoked,

Doug Fish
Founder, Indy Pass

Dear Indy Passholder,

When I was 16 years old, the ski area where I learned to ski at with my family closed. You can read my letter to the Buffalo News in 2004 here.

That experience continues to drive everything we do and stand for at Entabeni Systems. We want the sport to grow, not shrink. As a passionate group of skiers and riders, we know that making turns anywhere is excellent. Still, we do not think every experience must be epic or iconic.

The Indy Ski Pass has done a remarkable job promoting the independent and authentic snowsports experience, but we are also responsible for preserving those experiences. We will never put promotion ahead of preservation. Because of that, Indy Pass will limit pass sales for the coming season, offering our current passholders an opportunity to renew first.

We will also invest significant investment in improving your experience, including easier purchases, centralized pre-booking, and issuing a physical pass with direct-to-lift options at some of our partner resorts. We all want to spend less time online and in line.

Entabeni is privileged to keep Indy Pass 100% independent, and we remain steadfastly committed to the original mission – supporting independent resorts and providing incredible value for skiers and riders.

Thanks for reading,

Erik Mogensen
Founder, Entabeni Systems

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